Hosting, Domain & Email
From £60 + VAT Per Annum
From £60
We work with most of the UK's Leading Hosting Companies.
You'll own the hosting account from day 1.
We will source the most suitable & cost effective hosting package for your website, domain & email requirements.
You will own the account and pay them directly.
Most offer monthly payments and give great discounts if you pay annually.
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Hosting, Domain & Email:

Most typical websites we design require hosting that costs approx £60-£100 per year.

For our clients, we create an independent hosting account direct with a leading hosting provider called or a provider of your choice. You pay them directly. You own the account. We make sure you only order and pay for what you actually need. It takes us 1-2 hours to set up. We charge you £25 + VAT.

The reason is simple. By making sure you own the account you are NEVER tied to Team Social Media Ltd. You own EVERY aspect of your online presence. The website, the domain and the email accounts.

Unlike a lot of website site design firms, we do not pretend we have racks of servers. We don’t try to give you the impression we sit up all night watching them and we don’t charge you extra for fictitious or unnecessary add-ons and services.

Don’t get sucked into a Domain & Hosting package that you can’t get out of. Don’t work with a firm that registers YOUR domain in THEIR name, making them the legal owner.

Should you ever decide to employ another agency or a member of your staff, you can simply give them the account details and they can take over. Here’s the best bit… you’re not tied to them either. As the account holder, you own it all from day one.

As a part of our website design service, we will take care of everything. We will set it all up, create the email accounts, design and install your website.

Get in touch and we will advise on the best 1and1 package for your requirements. We’ll never let you pay for more than you need.

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