Website Redesign Service

Website Redesign Service

Website Design Lowestoft

Website Redesign Service

We can take your current website and give a complete makeover. We’ll add modern features designed to generate more sales and enquiries.

We’ll add essential SEO to each of the pages so that people looking for your business find your business.

We may be able to use some of the existing content and images/photographs, depending on how long ago they were first created.

Often a redesign will require more text content and more images, but we’ll know more when we take a look.

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Website Redesign Service
Complete Makeover of your Current Website.
Mobile Friendly, SEO Optimised, Modern Website
No Downtime!
We can redesign your new website on our server. Your current website stays live until we've finished your new one.
A brand new version of your current website built using the WordPress Content Management System.
You approve each phase of the new website before we move on to the next phase.
The new site goes live overnight to minimise disruption to your business.
Call on 01502 473260
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Website Redesign Design

We are often approached to redesign websites. More often that not the main reason is that the current site is just old. Built years ago, it simply doesn’t do what your customers expect from a website. Almost without exception it doesn’t appear high enough in google searches because it’s can’t possibly be search engine optimised.

Here are few more common reasons for a website redesign:

Your Current Website Is Not Being Found In Searches

The best reason for a website redesign! Your website is NOT being found in Google searches. The websites we build are easily optimised for Search Engine position ranking.

Your Current Website Is Not Mobile Responsive (Smartphone Friendly)

It’s fact that that at least 50%-70% of visitors to your website are using a Smartphone or Tablet. From July 2018 Google search results are ‘position ranking’ your website based on the mobile version of your website, not the desktop version. This is a huge change by Google. It’s already started.

Your Current Website Is BROKEN

You’ve been abandoned by your bedroom-based website designer, and now your website doesn’t work properly. We’ve helped loads of businesses owners move to a reliable service, while giving them a brand new website that really works!

Your Current Website Is Built Using A DIY Site Builder Service (WIX Etc)

The likes of WIX, SQUARESPACE, GODADDY and SHOPIFY offer a ‘DIY Site Builder’ service. These are good as far as they go. BUT THEY SIMPLY DON’T GO FAR ENOUGH for a business that wants to generate sales, enquiries and leads. The only WIX website I’ve ever seen on the first page of a Google search is the WIX.COM site itself.

Your Current Website Is NOT GDPR Compliant

Got to put this reason first. It’s a legal requirement for ALL UK websites from May 25th 2018. See my General Data Protection Regulation Demo.

Your Current Website Is Costing You A Fortune in Monthly Fees and Long Term Contracts

Yep. We know. It sucks. We’ve rescued lots of websites from the likes of Yell and Archant etc. They’re charging you £100’s each year and you’re not seeing the results the sales person promised you when you signed up. Often, you’re not even getting the ‘updates service’ they promised you.

Your Current Website Is Hard To Update With New Content / Products / Pages / Photographs

WordPress websites are the easiest websites to keep up to date with your latest products, news, photographs and content. It’s the reason we use it for EVERY website we build and design.

You Just Fancy A Stunning New Website

Business owners simply get bored with the look and feel of their website. It no longer reflects how they want their business to be be perceived. It’s as good a reason as any. Let me show you some of the websites I’ve built.

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